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Sunday, 3 February 2008

French Market @ French Bay

I went to a so-called French Market one weekend last month in French Bay....I was actually expecting a lot of stalls and people. And to my disappointment, there were only a handful of stalls selling overpriced foie gras, french cheeses and condiments. Most of the things didn't interest me.
The weather was bad only stayed for about 30 mins, after having the Paella. The Paella was NZD 15 and is only available for takeaway. Paella.....isn't that Spanish instead of French??

My Paella in a styrofoam was cooked with arborio rice, prawns, capsicum, broad beans and capsicum. Although not superb but the rice was pretty flavourful, or maybe I was just hungry.
We bought a lemon sugar crepe.....was very soggy ....sorry! no pics because I was too busy eating my Paella.
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