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Friday, 15 November 2013

Taste of Auckland turns 5 and has become more fun than ever!

One of the highlights for spring is Taste of Auckland in Victoria Park in Novemeber. It's a wildly popular event for Aucklanders and other food lovers from across New Zealand. It's got everything for a great day or evening out with friends, work mates and family. There's an impressive line up of fine dining heavyweights like Baduzzi (I love Baduzzi!), The Grove, The Commons, Bracu, Everybody's Izakaya, The Depot and top vineyards and breweries like Epic,Hallertau, Mount Riley's, Stolen Rum and Mission Estate. 

Victoria Park is the perfect venue because it's spacious and you can feel relaxed not having to weave through the crowd. Also love the fact that there are 2 sessions per day so it's never overcrowded and stressful. Everyone is in a jolly good mood. Who wouldn't when you have great selection of great food, music and great selection of beers and wines in a park! The best part of Taste of Auckland is the beer and wines on offer.

I was very keen to try something from The Commons and bought a Scallop congee, black truffle vinegrette, bisque tuil,bitter cress and it was disappointing. It was too salty and oily and I didn't even finish my small portion. Chef Nick Honeyman is one of the biggest talent and I had incredible experience dining at Cru at Sale St and Everybody's Izakaya before but maybe his team didn't taste that particular batch of Scallop Congee before serving and it was unpalatable.

The 'official' currency used are crowns, 1 crown =$1. In the past you have to purchase the crowns in chip form at the entrance to use it and it was a pain to carry 50 crowns and dropping it and still end up short. I didn't go to the event last year but this year you can load your crowns onto a card and there are many crown sellers in pink shirts that you can top up and it's super convenient because you can find one in every other corner. They accept cash and eftpos. Of course cash is widely accepted but the crowns are awesome when you run out of cash.

Fisher & Paykel Kitchen

The Fisher & Paykel Kitchen was serving up roast lamb and there was a contest for guessing all the 6 ingredients to win a pretty posh oven.

One of the highlights of my day was the luxe selection of gins and the lovely guy made me an amazing 'Red Snapper' for only 8 crowns! 

The lovely lady at the Real Good Brownies was so kind to feed me with so much brownies so I end up buying a few to take home because I had become an addict by then. You can find them at Elliott Carpark on the weekends.

 Mad Hatter Tea Party at the Kenwood stand

The gourmet French instant dinners from Tomette were amazing and I bought a few for one of those nights that I am too tired after Crossfit but want a lush dinner. I have tried the NZ lamb provencale and it tastes home made.

Two Stolen Rum for $20( sorry for the chopped photo!), what a bargain!

This has to be the best Taste of Auckland so far. It's way more organised than it has ever been and the selection of of food and drinks are endless. 
If you haven't got any plans this weekend, do consider going to Taste of Auckland. Bring a couple of your food loving friends and enjoy a great day out wine good chatter, amazing food, drinks and some great music. Just remember to bring a big bag for all the food you are going to buy. I was struggling to hold all my shopping and wished I had a bag. Please don't bring a shopping trolley though although it will be very convenient  you will look very odd and un-relaxed. I will probably go again on the weekend to haul buy more wines, Cloudy Bay clams and F&P Chef Series that I missed out because I was too busy sampling food yesterday.
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