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Thursday, 31 October 2013

3 sleeps to Auckland Half Marathon and some nerdy route elevation analysis

All I could think of in the last couple of days is the Auckland half marathon this weekend! All the training over the last few weeks are going to be put to test. After running a few races, I have learnt to stay positive and not get too nervous but it still gets you anyway. Having said that, I was dead calm with at the North Shore half  and had a blast! Reason that I was so calm was because I treated it as a weekend long run with a big crowd. I had no expectation plus the weather was made for running. Since the Auckland half is my last race for the year I am eager to run it like a race and give it my all. I don't have a specific time in my head and it's maybe good so that I don't get too stressed out. 

As I was curious about the new route this year, I did a  elevation gain analysis of  the route 2012 vs route for 2013. The most significant part is after 9km mark when we have to run on the motorway. Last year we had to run on Northcote Rd and Lake Rd before ending up on the Harbour Bridge and this year the route will have us running on Akoranga Busway all the way to Harbour Bridge. It's going to be a boring route running on the motorway for about 5km but the pro is that since it's so flat, it would be a great opportunity to gain some time before slowing down on the run up to the Harbour Bridge. I think a lot of people will be speeding off at this point to gain some advantage.

I am looking forward to picking up the race pack tomorrow and check out the expo a little bit and hope for pleasant weather and lots of energy on Sunday.

Are you running the Auckland Marathon?

What is your race plan?

What gets you going during the last few kilometres?

How do you treat yourself after the race?

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