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Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Mid week dining at Libertine

I've recently rediscovered the joy of midweek dining. Real dining, not just a quick eat and go in a noodle bar, foodcourt or Chinese eatery which I am so accustomed to during the week. I almost bail out from going to Libertine if it wasn't because I have already promised a friend to meet there. So glad I didn't. It was a Wednesday night and I expected some crowd and booked a table for 8.30pm. Got there and it was very quiet. A little concerning when you expect the place to be heaving.

The decor is gorgeous and makes me feel I want to stay here all night. Our friendly waiter lead us to a table big enough for 10 when there were just 3 of us.

I love the decor and atmosphere here. You feel like you are in someone's luxurious home. It's spacious but very cosy and relaxing.

Snapper cevicher with mango was delicious !! So refreshing and good sized portion too!

Buttermilk squid with jalapeno jam. Such a refreshing choice from the boring salt & pepper squid you get every where else. Just a wee too greasy but still pretty good.

Cumin battered fish tacos. I would have preferred a non battered fish 

Toffee apple glazed pork cheek with seared scallops. Very weird combination but the flavours didn't work together. It feels like two separate dish on a plate. Each component is well cooked but just didn't work as a team.

Scorched baby beets with blue cheese was a very hearty dish with lots of different texture and flavours.

Barcelonian chorizo pate was an interesting dish but I thought the pate was a bit on the dry side.

It was an enjoyable night for all of us and we vowed to be back again on weeknight. The food is good and quite decent portion for its price.There are so many places in Auckland now that are charging you an arm and a leg and you still feel hungry after spending $50.  Service was attentive but not rehearsed. All of us left happy and very very full. 
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