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Thursday, 30 May 2013

Review: Blue Breeze Inn, Ponsonby Central

If you have been a fan of Moochowchow, you will love the new Blue Breeze Inn that has recently opened in Ponsonby Central. I found out about the latest brainchild from the geniuses who brought Moochowchow via The Denizen and was excited to try it out. Moochowchow is one of my favourite place to eat in Auckland (strangely enough I have never posted anything about them) and I am eager to let them take my taste buds on another culinary adventure.

We got off to a late start on a very disgusting Saturday with non-stop tropical like rain. I was adamant not to let the weather to dampen my Saturday mood so I decided on a little perk me up and go to Blue Breeze Inn. Actually, it's more like I thought there will be better chance of getting a table on a day like this. So we traipse in and found a table for two immediately. We were greeted by the friendly owner of Moochowchow and he remembered my hubby and then took us to a nice table for two at the end of the restaurant. Since we arrive in between lunch and dinner service, only a limited selection from the menu is available. Fine by me because the waitress has warned me when I rang but decided not to book a table because I was told we could easily have a seat at the bar. I like being unorganised on weekends. We ordered Dandan Noodles, Bang Bang Chicken and some steamed asian greens. The food here is a fusion of Chinese cooking with Pacifican ingredients  but I find it leans more more towards Chinese flavours.

Dandan noodles($26) came with a braised beef shin brothe with generous amount of mushrooms and tender beef shin. It's not the typical Dandan noodles that is lrepared with sichuan peppers to numb your tongue. It was rather mild with a sweet undernote of black glutinous rice vinegar and a hint of star anise and other spices. The broth is honest,luscious and truly nousirshing on a cold and wet day. I do find it a tad too sweet, just a tad. The noodles were delicious.

Bang Bang Chicken- how could you not order a dish with a name like that? I think half of the people ordered it just because it sounds fun. The flavours are really nicely balanced with a good hint of soy sauce, chilli oil, sesame oil and coriander but I find the price of $18 for a small snack of the size a little steep. It looks like a lot on the photo but it really wasn't that much. It's a lovely dish but not a must order.

The service and decor are fantastic although I felt a little claustrophobic being squished in a tiny corner but you get used to it after 10 minutes. Not an ideal place for large group because the space is tiny. Do check out the bathroom. The door swings open, just missing the sink by a fraction of a centimetre,impressive! There is bar seating where you can watch chef Che Barrington and his team of young and energetic staff working away in the kitchen. It's awesome. 

I will be back for sure to try out their full menu before deciding if I like this place as much as Moochowchow. The atmosphere is great with some lovely Hawaiian tunes and you forget that you are in the middle of winter for a while. The next time I will make sure I get a seat at the bar and marvel at all the ingredients and cooking that goes on. 

Blue Breeze Inn
146 Ponsonby Road
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Happy Valley Chow said...

Looks and sounds like an awesome place with some delicious food! So jealous :(

Happy Blogging!
Happy Valley Chow

Genie said...

The other day I was thinking that there are lots of hip new ethic/fusion eateries, but no Chinese. Here it is.