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Saturday, 30 July 2011

Mamak in Chancery Square Auckland

I have been longing for a 'Mamak' style restaurant in Auckland for so long and always envious of Sydneysiders for having a very good one. So when I found out from a friend there is one, I was excited and enthusiastic! Mamak refers to Indian Muslims in Malaysia and Mamak style cooking and eateries are very much a big part of the Malaysians' eating / leisure culture because of the convenience , taste and great bang for your buck. Mamak stalls are popular throughout the day and to many Malaysians, the day starts with a Roti Canai or Nasi Lemak washed down with Teh Tarik ( Malaysian Pulled Milk Tea). Roti Canai ( Flaky Bread) is the star of any given mamak stall.

Mamak Malaysian in Chancery Sq is the only establishment that make their own Roti Canai fresh everyday and not reheated frozen ones you get from Asian supermarkets. Sorry to burst your bubble if you think that all the Roti Canai you have been eating all these while is made fresh. Mamak is one of the very few Malaysian eateries that make fresh Roti Canai in their premise. Like all other food, nothing beats freshly made option. I cringe when I read food critics goes on and on about how different they are from one restaurant to another because they are all from the same manufacturer.

Our meal started with a compulsory order of roti canai served with curry chicken. The roti was crispy but moist and has a nice chew unlike frozen ones. The serving was generous too. Definitely worth coming here just for the roti canai. They have roti telur (egg roti) too but they were a little too generous with the eggs and made the bread a little heavy.

A good meal at a Mamak always include a good milo ais which without much guessing means Milo with ice. This is the best milo ais I have tasted in Auckland that's not from a bottle.One might ask "aren't Milo the same everywhere?" No. The Milo in Malaysia is more chocolatey .

Mamak Mee Goreng is tangy and superlicious. It reminds me of the great mee goreng from the Mercury Plaza many many years ago. Good balance of sambal chili and tomatoes. The noodles are nicely covered with gravy but not sticky and gooey. Absolute winner !

I find this sign above their kitchen door hillarious.

Once the wet winter season is over, I will be looking forward to going to Mamak and eat in the courtyard area. The owner is a jolly host this is as close as it gets if you want to have a taste of mamak style food in Auckland, not to mention that they are the only one making Roti Tissue!

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