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Sunday, 29 May 2011

Revel Cafe, K'rd

When my office was close to K'rd, I never paid much attention to the surroundings except to get my kebab fix from The Turkish Cafe, flat whites from the now defunct Brazil Cafe and sushis from nearby foodcourts. About two weeks back, I felt an urge to check out the new gems in this part of town especially attracted to the idea of going back to Revel for brunch. This place is a real gem for great honest food.

It's always so cosy in here, unlike some cookie cutter style cafes that has sprung up sporadically across Auckland. This place oozes character at every corner.

After staring at the menu board for a wee bit, I chose a vegetarian option of Huevos Rancheros (yes, almost everything hee comes in carnivorous,herbivourous and omnivorous options) which came with two free range sunnyside ups, sweet corn, chilli beans, cheese, salsa and a minty dip. The flavors are very sharp too. I down all these goodness with a good strong Supreme coffee. For $16.50, this meal is pretty good value for money because I struggled to finish all of it and was very full and went on without a dinner, no joke.

S, being the disciplined eater as always went for a homemade muesli. Revel serves the best muesli we've come across so fat. It's a huge portion with rhubarb compote, creamy yoghurt , honey and served in a coconut husk bowl. It had a generous amount of mixed nuts too. Very often when he orders a muesli, he gets just that and milk. On a few occassions, he was shocked that he was given only a small packet of muesli in a bowl and milk ! Revel's muesli has set a new standard of expectation and for only $10, it's a real deal.

After stuffing our faces full, we went for a stroll along K'rd and on the way back to the car, we came across a metal reclaim shop just around the corner from Revel which displayed some really cool larger than life 'models' made from car parts. According to the owner, these beasts weights about 500kg and requires an average 100 hours of assembling !

Last but not least, what a cool sign on a Sunday morning. Yup ! His almighty needs a rest too.
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