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Thursday, 28 June 2007

The almost forgotten project....

The reason I have not started blogging until recently was because of the very same reasons I do not start doing something if I don't neccessarily have to i.e work, sleep, shower, eat, shop ( it's essential to maintain my endorphine count !!), read, surf the net, and talk. While writing this, it reminds me of my 2 pages full scrapbook which I have started since Xmas 06 and god forbid all the money I have spent on buying fancy papers, embellishments, stickers, et cetera.

Just noticed how long ago was my last entry kinda hinted me that I should have never started it but reading others' food blogs makes me want to keep this up. There's so much gorgeous food that I eat day in day out that it feels like sin not to share something that I love doing so dearly.

Maybe I feel unmotivated sometimes because I always have something new to excite me and believe me, the excitement doesn't last longer than a couple of weeks at most.

I have recently read a busy mommy's blog which she religiously updates all the yummy food she made and shares all the cute pictures of her baby and I start to wonder how she managed that being a first time mom and working fulltime. But she mentioned something that is very motivating that says that if you keep saying that you don't have time, you will never have any. Very well said.

I will go home after work today to upload some of my most recent food conquests before the next one is due ( tommorow). Also, I am pretty tempted to add in other events in my life on this blog. At first, I thought it is a little unrelevant but then again, food is related to your mood and it's part and parcel of one's everyday life. So, there be it.

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