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Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Shanghainese Food

I had my first try of Shanghainese food when i came back to NZ and loved it since. It has this unique blend of cantonese style and the food comes out pretty distinguished from cantonese or northern chinese food. Some dishes can be very mild like cantonese food and some could be very spicy and peppery like Sichuan food.

Amongst my favourite dishes are Water Cooked Prawns. The prawn have a very nice smooth texture and simply fried on high fire with some spring onions and served with Chungkiang's simply devine.

Another favorite dish of mine that I must order each time we manage to get a reservation to our favorite Shanghainese restaurant is Wonton the sound of the name....the broth is made with whole fresh chicken and some beancurd sticks and feshly made wontons and pieces of chinese cabbage swimming in the delightful soup, served in a seasoned huge claypot. This is the reason why we never to there on our partner and I will never be able to finish it.
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