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Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Pan Mee at last . .

I'd always loved pan mee and only until lately that I have the courage to try making it myself at home.Turns out that it's not as difficult as I've thought because pan mee is a relatively 'forgiving' dish to make as it's not that difficult to make it taste above average. Time consuming? A little bit for first timers but after the second and third time it becomes easier. Instead of using the usual 'kow kei' vege I opted for choy sum instead simply because I like it better as such. The soup is very important to make a nice and tasty pan mee. What I did is to boil the noodles in a pot of hot water until they are semi cooked (approx 30 seconds) and then transfer it the pot of soup that I have prepared beforehand and boil it in the soup for another 30 seconds. I like my pan mee a little al dente instead of really thin and this way of making it is the best that I have tried. As for the chilli sauce, I just blend a couple of cili padis with a small amount of belacan ( shrimp paste) and lemon juice. Sorry that I can't give an exact recipe because I never had the habit of measuring my ingredients, I just go with my gut feeling.
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1 comment:

Jackson said...

wuuu.... i love pan mee!!!!! I like my pan mee to be very thick, so that i can taste the flour...haha.. dunno why i have their weird habits of eating thick pan mee..